audioglyph christmas starsA new Version of Audioglyph is now available at:

AUDIOGLYPH synaesthetic machine Audioglyph is a synaesthetic machine, which is able to create images from music. Music is analyzed and transformed into motion data of a three-dimensional text. By using different typesets/fonts it is possible to let the machine generate worlds of manifold images. Generating combined with creating or in other words: the displacement of a creative process into the production of an environment (the machine), out of which in turn the image is created, is supported by the computative process. The creative component of the artist is reflected in the way he designs the world, in which the image is produced later on. Further on the „responsibility“ for the image is assumed just partly. The precise image (the output) is beyond the artistic responsibility. Audioglyph takes one step further: the image is generated from the music. The letters start dancing. see the video–>


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