DigitalMassacre01 0001 dont talk about the digital
02 0010 dont talk about the massacre
03 0011 dont talk about the protocol
04 0100 one computer per unit
05 0101 one input per computer
06 0110 one output per computer
07 0111 one application per computer
08 1000 eat beef
09 1001 every unit and subunit must proudly wear a tattoo
10 1010 remember: all of us will reboot one day

ping & pong units respect the law networks everything is dependend everything is digital everything is luxziffer

the units demers, modler and saup will supply a digital structure that will support all strategies of the digital massacre.
interested subunits, machines and submachines will conform to the rules.
may the best algorithm last.

master and slave
the units demers, modler and saup will supply a server (master).
the server understands midi-language only.
subunits may connect to the server.
they may input

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