St. Petersburg, Russia
Event dates: 26 – 30 June 2007

The Body Navigation Festival

III International festival of the contemporary artsCall for projects and performances
The BODY NAVIGATION is a cross-art festival for research a body as a medium for contemporary art. Festival program provides collaboration with people coming from different cultural context, based on shared specific questions of body and different art mediums.
One of the main focuses is a multi-media exploration of the body and environment.
Festival will navigate from the park on Elagin island in the middle of the city to urban environments of St.Petersburg, from the gallery space to the theatre and to musical club.
The festival provides the artists and the community opportunity for both research and performance. Festival events includes research projects, screening, installations, side-specific works, experimental media& music events and workshops in dance, performance and video.
The festival will culminate in a series of performances, both site-specific and for the gallery and theatre.
The Body Navigation festival is organizing by Non-governmental partnership ART NAVIGATION in collaboration with NCCA (National Contemporary Art Centre in St. Petersburg) and several foreign cultural institutes with the financial support of the Nordic Cultural Fund.
The Body Navigation welcomes projects or/and dance performance that can be presented in an outdoor/ locations on Elagin island and at the theatre/gallery too. If you have a performance or any ideas which you would like to develop further in relation to the body and relationship with environments and the new technologies, we would very much like to hear from you.
We are looking for:
dance performance
site-specific performance and projects
workshop, lecture, laboratory
Submissions should include:
Viewing copy and / or supporting material on DVD or VHS
Description of performance/project
Other relevant materials [press, photos, promotional materials]
Technical information
Unfortunately festival cant cover travel cost, accommodation and fees. Festival takes care of the promotion of the event and the technical support expenses.
We will provide an official invitation for applying grants from your countries.
For the artists from The Nordic country are possibilities to cover some expenses. Accommodation could be negotiated with each artist/project selected.

Deadline: 10/01/07

The Body Navigation Festival
Ludcia Khabibulina
A/BOX 102
190013 St. Petersburg

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