memomentmemory moment

SATURDAY 27th May 2006 – 02th June 2006
at Divadlo Archa in Prague Czech Republic

This Interactive Videoinstallation shows how it could be if we could remember visualy the last 5 minutes. The projection shows a live-video image without refreshing every frame so every moving entity leaves traces in space and creates patterns of movement this patterns are patterns of interests, traffic, etc. etc.

Our recognition is based on frames. human beeing has a timeframe of about 3 seconds what is called “NOW” or “MOMENT”.
If, like in Memoment, this timeframe is extended, we can see people walking around like “snakes”, cars look like tunnels and we can follow people from where they come to where they go in one picture. Time is relative and so is space. Memoment offers the possibilty to see the world like an extraterrestrical would maybe see it. Communication would be very difficult because he would never know where you “really” are. If humna wouldnt erase the memory several times per minute everything would fossile and freeze. No recognition of time would be possible any more.
Memoment shows how every movement disturbs the construcion of matter. The atoms will be removed by a passing tram and need some time to find back in there possition. Every moving object is bending the space wich it moves thru. memoment

strasse vor archa

Aufbau im divadlo archa, zwei installationen werden gezeigt.
das erste foto zeigt den blick den die camera ab morgen filmen wird,
die bilder werden überlagert. das untere bild zeigt den platz an dem die soundinstallation zwoelfton aufgebaut wird, die trackingcamera wird grade installiert.


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