SynArt3 was Charmant Rouge first big performance and installation taking place in the Cselley Muehle, Oslip (an old Mill in the northern part of the province of Burgenland that was adapted to a cultur center by potter Robert Schneider and Painter Sepp Laubner in the 1970s) on May 7th and 8th in 1997. The titel SynArt3 bases on the term synesthesia, which can be understood as a combined perception of for example acustic and visual events or could also be seen as a condition in which people have problems distinguishing between various sensory inputs. In the run-up to SynArt3 David Kleinl had developed with the help of media artist Dominik Rinnhofer a formula to combine sound and vision on a semi-scientific basis. Out of their research the video installation “i” should be the first phase of SynArt3.

Charmant Rouge

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